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Valid exclusively with Kristine or Maddie, this offer is your ticket to exceptional savings and a stunning new look. If you’re eager to experience our expert services but can’t find a consultation appointment immediately, don’t worry! Reach out to the salon, leave a message indicating your urgency, and either Maddie or Kristine will make every effort to accommodate your request.

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Please note, that while this offer does not include the cost of the hair, it’s a remarkable opportunity valid only on your first initial application with the purchase of hair at Parlour 9 Salon & Spa.

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Explore Our Extension Specialties:

At Parlour 9 Salon & Spa, we’re dedicated to providing premium hair extension systems that respect the integrity of your natural hair. Our extensions are not just a temporary fix; they are an investment. With our carefully chosen systems, your extensions can be maintained and reused for 8 months to a year, ensuring you get the most out of your beautiful new look.

Tailored Services Just for You:

Our expertise lies in Perfectress Connections, a meticulous strand-by-strand system, Tape Extensions, Hand-Tied Extensions and Fusion Extensions. With our professional lines, we offer an extensive range of length choices, as well as Ombre and Colormelt options. This allows us to create a completely unique, customized experience designed exclusively for you.

Unmatched Quality, Seamless Blends:

Each hair extension system we offer is crafted from 100% human Remy hair, meeting our stringent quality standards. We boast a wide array of colors, lengths, and textures, ensuring a flawless match with most hair types and colors, resulting in a seamless, natural blend.

Your Consultation Experience:

Considering hair extensions? It’s crucial to consult with a certified professional. Call us at 952.898.7272 to schedule a complimentary hair extension consultation with one of our Certified Stylists. During this 30-minute session, we meticulously evaluate your natural hair’s strength and health to ensure it’s suitable for extensions. We delve into your vision and desired look, explaining the maintenance requirements and costs associated with your chosen extension system.

Your Path to Beautiful Hair:

Upon deciding to move forward, a 50% deposit is required. We then order your custom hair extensions and schedule your application appointment. Next-day shipping is available for an additional fee if needed to meet your appointment date. The remaining 50% balance is due at the end of the application appointment. To help you maintain your new hair, we provide an at-home care kit with every initial hair extension service, ensuring you have the essentials to care for your beautiful new look.

Tailored Maintenance Schedule:

At Parlour 9 Salon & Spa, we prioritize the long-term beauty and health of your hair extensions. Our maintenance appointments are essential to ensure your extensions remain flawless and natural-looking.

The frequency of maintenance appointments varies based on the extension system used. On average, appointments are scheduled every 5, 8, or 10 weeks. During these sessions, our experts meticulously maintain the extension application points, remove natural shedding, and carefully move the extensions up close to the scalp area.

Preventing Damage and Ensuring Seamless Blends:

Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent damage, matting, or discomfort. By repositioning the extensions, we ensure they blend seamlessly with your natural hair growth, maintaining a natural appearance. Our skilled specialists take care of every detail, guaranteeing your extensions look and feel their best.

At Parlour 9 Salon & Spa, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive care for your hair extensions. Trust us to keep your extensions in pristine condition, allowing you to enjoy their beauty and confidence-enhancing effects for the long term. Your satisfaction and stunning results are our top priorities. Schedule your maintenance appointment today, and let us ensure your hair extensions always look their best.

 Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey to transform your hair and enhance your natural beauty. Your dream hair awaits!

Guests must be at least 18 years of age to book and receive hair extensions services, or a parent or guardian must be with to sign the release form.